Writing, Money, & Scamming Your Way to the Top

Luke Tarzian

So. If you’re on Twitter or if you follow the publishing industry in some capacity then you might have taken notice of drama that is (was?) The Handbook for Mortals(TL;DR: YA debut scams its way to the top of the NY Times bestsellers list; is quickly removed thanks in part to YA Twitter channel sleuths). Pretty insane, honestly, and it bleeds into what I want to talk about today: writing, motivation, money, and quality of writing.

Writing is an art form. It’s a way for people to express themselves. The desire to create, to tell a story, or build a world comes from an innate love of adventure (at least it does for me). Wanting to see where this adventure goes, who you’ll meet, and what will happen is often times the driving force behind a story’s continuation. It, along with wanting to share this experience with others, is…

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