I’m using the critical thinking, writing, research and editing skills I acquired with my doctorate to navigate postgraduate life. I currently work in the UNT Registrar’s office where I edit the undergraduate and graduate catalogs and create documentation for internal processes related to academic publishing.

I  received my Ph.D. in English at the University of North Texas, completing my dissertation,“Reading the Ruptured Word: Detecting Trauma in Gothic Fiction from 1764-1853,” that explores the structural abnormalities of gothic fiction as signifiers of trauma that characters within these texts seek to prevent or repair via detection.

I specialize in British literature of the long nineteenth century (1764-1914).  Specifically, I’m interested in the origins of Gothic horror and its evolution into the Victorian period; literary and cinematic monsters; horror films; and how digital humanities can transform our modern understanding of and engagement with the dark spectres of our past.

You can read more of my thoughts on horror at my Monster Scholar blog, and The International Gothic Association Postgraduate Blog. I update my professional activities here. I invite you to contact me if you ever want to chat about literature, the postgrad struggle or things that go bump in the night.